Graduate Handbook

Graduate studies can be exhilarating, confusing and stressful in equal measures. This handbook is designed to reduce the confusion and stress by providing information about the School of Engineering, people who can help you, resources that are available for your use, procedures for the Qualifying Exam and Thesis Defence, and answers to frequently asked questions.

School of Engineering MASc and PhD Graduate Handbook

Information included in the handbook:

  • Introduction, page 4
  • New Students, page 5
  • Advising, page 5
  • Registration and Course Selection, page 6
    • Registration, Ontario Visiting Graduate Student (OVGS) Plan, Transfer Credits, Leave of Absence
  • Program Information, page 9
    • Master of Applied Science, Doctor of Philosophy, Qualifying Examination, Thesis Guidelines
  • Interdepartmental Programs, page 15
  • Transferring Programs, page 16
  • Timetable, page 17
  • General School of Engineering Information, page 19
    • Offices, Lab Usage, Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA), Computer Resources, Photocopying and Printing, SOE Vehicle Usage
  • Administrative Personnel, page 24
  • Forms and Additional Resources, page 26
  • Timelines and Procedures for Completion, page 29
  • Guidelines for Oral Examination of Thesis (MASc and PhD)
  • Post Defence Procedures, page 32
  • Financial Information and Awards, page 33
    • Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), Graduate Service Assistant (GSA), Scholarships, Fellowships and Bursaries, Financial Aid