Research at the School of Engineering

The University of Guelph has a strong reputation for research and academic excellence in its school of engineering. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a variety of engineering disciplines, including biological, mechanical, environmental, engineering systems & computing, biomedical and computer engineering.

Research focuses on a range of areas including sustainable energy systems, advanced manufacturing processes, smart systems, ground water source protection, environmental concerns and developing new materials for a variety of industrial and practical applications.

The University of Guelph is also well known for its interdisciplinary research programs, which bring together experts from different fields to tackle complex engineering problems. Starting in the Ontario Agricultural College over a hundred years ago, engineering enjoys a rich history of collaboration across campus and beyond.

Several research centers and institutes advance the field, including the Center for Sustainable Energy, the Morwick G360 Groundwater Institute, the Institute for Computational Engineering, and the Advanced Manufacturing and Design Institute.

Please feel free to review some of our research highlights listed here as well as in our archives.

Individual faculty pages and research profiles can be found here.