Undeclared Entry

group of students walking toward camera

Not quite sure what you want to take in Engineering? The School of Engineering offers you choice with Undeclared entrance. You will be given the opportunity to decide how you want to create the ultimate university experience.

Want to do a minor? Do not worry about deciding to do a minor yet, but to answer your question yes you can do a minor. Engineers do minors in almost every program the University offers ranging from a minor in Business, Arts, and French to show you a few of your potential options.

Are you concerned that if you choose the Undeclared option you might not be able to get into your program of choice? The School of Engineering has designed our Undeclared option without a capacity constraint on all non co-operative education programs that we offer once you have been accepted into the program. We strongly suggest for students that want co-op, to apply directly into a program from high school. Co-op spaces are limited to availability and change from year to year.

If you need help or still have questions, please call:

Hillary Rooyakkers
Recruitment Officer
519 400 9913 (cell)